Hi all!

I am hoping to get some help on the following issue.

I am trying to build a 'template converter' for which I receive raw data from different entities (all tab sheets, all different templates). With converter I mean I put the data that I need in pivot table per entity, showing a sales forecast per product segment and per month.

My Rows show all product segments and Column shows the average price(/mt) per month for all different inputs in the raw data. To get this average price I used the summarize value field option in the PT.

The issue here is that some data has currency CAD and I want to report in USD.
I really want to avoid calculating in the raw data so I wonder if it is possible to calculate the average price per month(columns) per product segment (rows) and converted to USD value.

I tried to Insert Calculated Field in the PT using the formula e.g. =Average('January') / 1,33
It seems that it is not possible to calculate with a summarized field.

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Kind regards