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Slicers; Schedules

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    Slicers; Schedules

    Hi, I have a dashboard that has financial metrics in several charts connected to slicers (project name slicer, date slicer). I'd also like to pull in an 8 week lookahead schedule that can be connected in some way so that it shows the data related to the site/dates that the charts are filtered to. But I don't know how to make a schedule into a pivot table, and I can't figure out how to connect slicers to a regular table. Any ideas?

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    Re: Slicers; Schedules

    It sounds like you have two questions: how to get the 8-week look-ahead and how to insert a slicer to a regular table.

    For the 8 week look-ahead, I suggest making a helper column that checks the dates: =AND(Date>+Start_Date,Date<=End_Date) so that the cells evaluate TRUE if the date falls withing the 8-week look-ahead. Then you can filter on this.

    As for inserting a slicer on a table, do it the same way you do it in a pivot table. Put the cursor in the table and Insert -> Slicer. A slicer can be attached to only one table, and if it is attached to a table, then it cannot also be attached to a pivot table.
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