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Plotting a Graph of the data on a date

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    Exclamation Plotting a Graph of the data on a date

    I want to plot a graph of the latitude of sunspots on the y-axis against the date on the x-axis. I have a table of 33000 values, and have 4 columns with the year, month, day and then one of YYYY/MM/DD, going back 20years and then a 5th column of the latitudes either a positive or negative values depending on if its above or below the equator. I've tried plotting the YYYY/MM/DD against the latitudes and the years, months and days and they're not coming out how I want. The YYYY/MM/DD against the latitude didn't work/plot anything. How can I plot it? I want a butterfly diagram

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    Re: Plotting a Graph of the data on a date

    It did not plot anything??? I would have expected it to plot something.

    It is difficult to debug based solely on your description. If you can upload a sample file to the forum, we can debug a lot better. Things I would look at:

    Are you values "numbers/dates stored as text" or real numbers/dates?
    What chart type are you trying to use?

    The process I would expect to use to create a chart would be:

    1) Select the YYYY/MM/DD column and the latitude column (D1:E33000 assuming your table starts in A1 and does NOT have a header row).
    2) Insert -> Chart -> desired chart type -> desired chart subtype
    3) Check what Excel decides to use for X and Y ranges for the chart and fix if Excel gets it wrong (Select Data dialog).

    That should give you a basic chart with date on the x axis and latitude on the y axis.
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