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Pivot chart+table unsure how to layout and get to do what i need

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    Pivot chart+table unsure how to layout and get to do what i need

    Hi , so with my spreadsheet the idea of it is that our machines have a set amount of hours we expect it to be ran unmanned (This is shown as the estimate time row highlighted red) we are then asking one of our workers to predict what he believes the time will be for the week (Jim prediction row) and i'm also wanting a section where he can put a comment under each machine as to why this time is what he thinks. The last thing that i need to be shown is the actual time that the machine ran unmanned. this is what would need to be in the table and i'm unsure on how to lay it out as i would need to have this with a week field aswell to have it be picked up on the graph.

    With the graph im wanting it to pick out the estimate time which is a set number that wont change and then pick up the actual time, with the graph we won't be showing the Jim prediction row but would like it to be shown in the table still, on sheet 3 you can see what i have done with the first table but that doesnt work for me as i dont want to be having to copy all the machine names each time and week number as if there are 3 week of data for "MULT1" i need that to be shown all under the one machine on the graph and not have 3 cases of "MULT1" showing, hope this makes sense.
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