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Filling between two lines / Slope before stacked area

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    Filling between two lines / Slope before stacked area

    Hi all,

    This is a two-in-one problem, and fixing either will fix my issue!

    The attached chart should explain the issue in more detail - effectively, I need a straight divide between the purple and orange areas and no slope before the stacked area. This will give the effect of joining the purple area with the red line, and the orange area with the light blue line.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    Re: Filling between two lines / Slope before stacked area

    The trick to getting a "vertical" boundary between stacked areas is to make sure the horizontal axis is a date axis, then have two entries for the same date. Because you are using a multi-level category axis, your current horizontal axis cannot be a date axis. Assuming I understand what you want, here's what I did:

    1) Knowing I need to get rid of the multi-level category axis so I can use a date axis, find the series that defines the horizontal axis, and change it:
    1a) Bring up the select data dialog.
    1b) Select each data series in the "Legend Entries (Series)" window until I find that the Establishment series and the Staff in Post series have the horizontal axis definition.
    1c) With either of these series selected, click on the Edit button for the horizontal category axis labels and change so that it is only referencing to row 3 (Z3:AC3)
    1d) Select the horizontal axis -> format axis -> check the "date axis" radio button to be sure it is using a date axis.
    1e) Other axis formats as necessary (such as a number format to show the dates if Excel does not do it automatically).
    2) I need two entries for April in order to get a vertical boundary, so I select column S and insert a column.
    3) Select R3:R11 -> copy -> select the new S3 -> paste.
    4) In R8, enter 0.
    5) Any other formats as needed.

    If I've understood, then that should do what you request for this specific example. Did I understand? Does that work for you? What steps do you have trouble with?
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