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Double Counting Combined Value Cells

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    Double Counting Combined Value Cells


    I'm trying to make a pivot table out of data where some entries have a combination of values. For example, let's say my column title is fruit, so most cells are either apples, oranges, or strawberries. Some entries though are labeled as 'apples/oranges' or 'oranges/apples', etc. When I go to make a pivot table, those combined entries with 'apples/oranges' are listed as its own subcategory. However, I just want that cell to be counted in apples once, and then again under oranges. Is this possible to do with pivot tables? And if so, how?
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    Re: Double Counting Combined Value Cells

    Not by standard pivot table. No. And do you really want to double count?

    There are 2 ways to handle this.

    1. Use PowerQuery to transform data then load to data model.
    This is my recommendation. You can use GUI tool in query editor, to split column by delimiter into rows and replicate data for other columns into 2 (or more) rows.
    You can then load it to data model and base pivot table off of it.

    2. Use PowerQuery to load data to model without transformation.
    You will then use DAX measure to construct calculation. However, this can get complex depending on your data structure and use case.

    Either case, if you want further help. I'd recommend uploading sample workbook and manual mockup of your desired result.

    To upload, use "Go Advanced" button, follow "Manage Attachments" hyperlink. It will launch new tab/window for managing uploads.
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