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Charting and Selecting Chart Series based on several drop down criteria

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    Question Charting and Selecting Chart Series based on several drop down criteria

    Situation; we record several enviromental parameters (P) at multiple locations (L) on different dates (D) about every 2 weeks.


    Dates = D1, D2, D3...Dn (about 100 so far)
    Locations = L1, L2, L3 ...Ln (about 80 in total)
    Parameters = P1, P2, P3, ...Pn (about 25 in total)

    The data comes in csv format and I have automated the import procedure into excel and store the data in worksheets by Parameter. That all functions great and have vba code to make that happen in 1 click.

    So I have sheets named P1, P2, P3...Pn. Each sheet contains all the locations L1, L2, L3..Ln in columns (B to Z) and the dates D1, D2, D3,..Dn in rows (4 onwards, with each new data set stored in the next blank row). Each parameter is stored by the associated Date and Location.

    Id like to be able to create x, y Charts on a separate Sheet (Charts) based on dropdowns lists of available dates (e.g. D6 to D12 representing a range from the overall available dates), a location (e.g. L5), and a parameter (e.g. P4).

    Dates will always be X Series and Parameter values the Y Series.

    Any tricks ideas to make this possible.

    Thank you for any suggestions.
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