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Net Position Chart

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    Net Position Chart

    Hey Yall, I am trying to build a chart that measures my net position overtime for investment purposes. How would I go about doing this? I have a time column and how many I buy/sold on another row. I think it is reading it as each buy or sell as that number instead of adding or subtracting from the previous position. How would I do it?
    Sample of data:

    1:40:20 PM B 20
    2:40:20 PM B 20
    3:40:20 PM B 10
    4:40:20 PM B 20
    5:40:20 PM B 25
    6:40:20 PM S -20
    7:40:20 PM S -25
    8:40:20 PM S -25
    9:40:20 PM S -10
    10:40:20 PM B 25
    11:40:20 PM B 25
    12:40:20 AM B 25
    1:40:20 AM S -25
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    Re: Net Position Chart

    Excel's charts do not really do any analysis. If you want a chart that will show "cumulative running total", you will need a column in the spreadsheet that calculates the cumulative running total. From you picture and text, I am not sure exactly how you are keeping track of running total. Maybe something like =F2+C3 (assuming your cumulative total is in column F and the quantity bought/sold is in column C). Then use the cumulative running total figures for the chart.
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