I have a pivot table that has its data source in a table in same workbook, different worksheet.
Everything works fine until I change file's name or location.

Following time I try to update, it tries to read data from old file name and location.
I just need to click in 'change data source' and delete all the old file path and simply leave 'Table1', then it works fine, but I need to do this again next time I change file name (which I do pretty often to create back-up copies).

Is there any way to tell Excel to look for 'Table1' in workbook containing the pivot table?
it works ok when source is not a table, but I see some advantages in using tables, and I could fix it with a Macro, but my Company has a strong policy against this and has simply disabled Macro option from our computers... cannot even go into the VBA editor, much less use one macro...

Excel version is 2013