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Pareto chart with stacked columns

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    Pareto chart with stacked columns


    I would like to make a combination chart of pareto chart with stacked columns. However, im somehow unable to do it. Im only able to do separate charts.
    Attached an example file which is similar to the actual file im using. File has Pareto chart and Stacked column chart. So basically I would want to have both of these visual informations in same chart.

    Thank you a lot for help
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    Re: Pareto chart with stacked columns

    Here's how I'd set it up.

    1. Add Percentage column
    Copy down.

    2. Select A1:D4 and create stacked column chart.

    3. Select A2:A4, hit CTRL and select E2:E4 range. Insert line chart.

    4. Copy the line chart, select chart area of stacked column and paste.

    5. Previous step would likely make all series into line. So change chart type, and set A, B, C to stacked column, and series 1 to line with secondary axis checked.

    See attached sample.

    Note: You can't do this using Histogram/Pareto that's in the template (as histogram by design groups data into buckets and does not use stacked category).

    EDIT: Oh I forgot to mention I first used sum(b2:d2) to sort largest to smallest.
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