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Sorting Dates by month, chronologically, on Pivot Table

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    Sorting Dates by month, chronologically, on Pivot Table

    Hi all,

    I really hope you can help - I need to sort months in chronological order in a pivot table, and I can't make it happen.

    I have one table where all the raw data goes to; each entry has a date (i.e. 6/20/2019, 2/10/2020, etc.), then the location, category, and values. That table gets updated every time there is a new ticket.
    I use a Pivot Table to do a summary report of that data. The Pivot shows first the location, then a sum of the values, per category, per month. I have the Pivot Table designed just as I need it for the report, and it works great! With the exception of the months, all else is working just fine.

    However, when I refresh the Pivot Table, the months' sort randomly; not alphabetically, nor chronologically. I need the months to show chronologically (Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, etc.). I've googled this issue and none of the solutions/suggestions I find fix the problem.
    I've attached a sample of the data, with a screenshot of the pivot table I am using; you can see the months are just all over the place.

    I don't know what else to do. Help?
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    Re: Sorting Dates by month, chronologically, on Pivot Table

    Add the date and then right click field and use the Group option to group by months.

    You may also need to include year in the grouping if you want the periods to be discrete
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