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Linking a regular table to a Pivot Table

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    Question Linking a regular table to a Pivot Table

    Hello all!!

    I have a question that hopefully somebody can provide the answer to.

    Scenario: See attached image and file. I have an excel file with two sheets: Period Performance Data and Period Performance Pivot. The pivot is based on the data from the PPD sheet. In the pivot table there is a Summary Table. This Summary Table uses the data from the pivot table to formulate an overall performance. See file.

    Goal: I want to make my Summary Table update to reflect the Dept rows from the pivot tables. Ex., If you refreshed the pivot table and Dept C was added as a row then the Summary Table should automatically update to add Dept C. Vic Versa, if the pivot was refreshed and only row Dept A was found in the pivot tables then the Summary Table should only show Dept A.

    Clarification: The data from the data sheet is not really relevant. The Pivot Table works perfectly and when refreshed show the appropriate data. I simply need the Summary Table to update when the Pivot Table is refreshed. How do I do this??

    Any help is beneficial!!! Thank you and let me know if I can clarify anything.
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    Re: Linking a regular table to a Pivot Table

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