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Creating a panel chart within a pivot chart

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    Creating a panel chart within a pivot chart


    I would like to create a pivot chart with multiple panels. I have attached my workbook that shows an example of this. I'd like to change the gridlines so they only appear for "Cost" and "Use" (so there would only be one vertical grid line between 2020 and 2014, instead of at each year).

    Under the thread "Create a bubble chart with sections" there is a link on how to create panel charts. In that example, if I'm not mistaken, the panel chart is created from first copying the pivot data as values. Is it possible to do something similar but within the pivot chart? I want to be able to incorporate the interactive capabilities of the pivot chart (such as adding in slicers etc.) so would rather not have to use a regular chart to do this.

    Any help would be much appreciated!
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    Re: Creating a panel chart within a pivot chart

    From Peltier's other panel chart tutorial, did you see this one? https://peltiertech.com/Excel/Charts...nelChart1.html It's old (2005 or so before Excel 2007 came out), but the same basic procedure seems to work for your pivot data as well. The basic procedure is to create a regular line chart from your pivot table (pay attention to this https://peltiertech.com/regular-char...-pivot-tables/ ). Then add a "dummy series" that will become the vertical dividing line between your categories.
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