Hey there,

I have a workbook with a table in sheet 1, sheet 2 is using microsoft query to populate a table based on answers in a column in sheet 1. Same goes for a few other sheets in the workbook, they all update fine when I click refresh all. I have the workbook in a shared folder on One Drive but the other people who have access to the folder and workbook cannot refresh the data. They can edit any of the sheets but when they try to refresh the data they get the error

"Not a valid path, make sure the path name is spelled correctly and that you are connected to the server on which the file resides"

After verifying all is correct, they click ok and get the error

"File not found, check the filename and try again"

I tried having one of them create a folder and blank workbook in One Drive, share it with me and then I created a quick test table and query, clicked refresh and it worked for me when they created the sheet. I've changed authentications for the query and trusted sources to try and fix it but I'm at a loss for why it won't work when it's my folder and workbook that I share out.

The data is all coming from the one workbook, no connections to other workbooks or databases.

Also if there's a better method of hosting a workbook for multiple users to access and edit, I'm open to any options, doesn't have to be One Drive.

Thanks for any help,