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Filter top 5 records in pivot table

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    Filter top 5 records in pivot table

    I have attached my Excel file.

    sheet "PIVOT TABLE." contains pivot table of entire data and sorted in Column L on descending order.

    in sheet "PIVOT TABLE-TOP 5" I tried to Value filter top 5 records based on the values on column L.

    But one record is not coming in top-5 even though it falls under top-5

    That particular row is highlighted in yellow color sheet "PIVOT TABLE."

    May know why that record is not coming? can any one help me on this?
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    Re: Filter top 5 records in pivot table

    The Top N items are based on the field Amt2 and not the Amt2 AND 'year segment=3'.
    So it's top N overall not within as displayed on the table.

    If you apply Total Column you will see the Top N items match

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