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2 Scenario Waterfall Charts

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    2 Scenario Waterfall Charts

    Hi, can you help me with a potential solution for this. I have a waterfall chart for a scenario with low impact and another for a high impact. Is there a way of merging these together

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    Re: 2 Scenario Waterfall Charts

    Short but useless answer -- yes, I am optimistic that they can be merged together. You have given no details about your spreadsheet or your charts to allow us to suggest anything specific, though.

    Your profile says you are using O365. Are you using the built in waterfall chart type? Or are you using the old fashioned stacked column or line chart type? My limited experience with these "specialty" charts in the latest versions is that they are relatively inflexible. Adding additional series or combining with other charts is often not possible for these specialty charts.

    From there, details probably depend too much on whether you are using built in specialty charts or standard chart types and how your data are arranged and what changes you are allowed to make. If you are using the newest built in specialty charts, someone else may be able to explain how to do what you want. If it is determined that the specialty chart is too inflexible, then you will need to build your waterfall chart using one of the standard chart types and go from there. If you are unfamiliar with these old fashioned methods, here's one tutorial: https://peltiertech.com/excel-waterf...bridge-charts/
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