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Is it possible to purge a spreadsheet of a pivotable?

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    Is it possible to purge a spreadsheet of a pivotable?

    I have a file I'd like to completely remove the pivotable from...I've tried to just delete the pivotable tab but I just get an error and it doesn't go.
    That's ultimately the main question.

    Aside from that, for some background, this was my first pivotable venture and I built it off of a single spreadsheet with no external source links, but rather multiple tables on the sheet serving as the source links to the main table on which the pivot table sourced from. All was beautiful and I kept expanding the tables with more date and thinking of ways to improve so I made changes and at some point over a few weeks time, suddenly any use of the actual pivotable causes Exel to crash. This is the only file it happens with and only when I mess with the filters on the pivotable. so at this point I want to salvage the original spreadsheet, which if I edit it alone and don't touch the pivotable at all, it seems to save just fine and doesn't cause any crash at all.

    But I'd like to redo the pivotable from scratch at this point to see if it was maybe all my tweaking, so I'm wanting to just purge all the pivotable from the file all together so I can start with a whole new pivotable.

    Hope this makes sense. I loved the pivotable before these issues started popping up and would really like to be able to make use of it again, but can't while I'm stuck with this original pivotable that seems to have become buggy.


    this I Excel for Mac v16 (2016 I believe) and I'm running Mac Mojave 10.14.5

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    Re: Is it possible to purge a spreadsheet of a pivotable?

    Hi, welcome to the forum.
    I'm no MAC user but your explanation doesn't convey any useful information.
    If you delete the worksheet with the Pivot Table it shouldn't give you errors but since yo're populating it from another table or data range you loose connection to data depending on this pivot table you're removing.
    If there is a graph or other tables linked to this pivot table that you'll have to check those first.
    It's a chain reaction, you work bottom up to avoid 'missing links'
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