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create chart from imported data

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    create chart from imported data

    I don't want to "re-invent the wheel", so anyone know of a template for home energy tracking?
    Monthly source data includes DATE, START TIME, END TIME, and USAGE.
    I'd like to have 2 charts: An HOURLY column chart (by hour for all 24 hours) for a selectable day and a DAILY column chart indicating the total usage for each day of the month. It would be a plus if hovering over a specific column would should the exact amount from the source data.

    I've include a data sample as an attachment.
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    Re: create chart from imported data

    To get a chart from the data select one of the cells in the range A1:D9 > press Alt + n + c for a column chart or Alt + n + r for recommended charts.
    I feel that a pivot table and chart will offer the ability to select days and months although in order to help produce a chart that is selectable by day we would need to see at least two days worth of data and we would need a month's worth of data to help produce a daily column chart for a month.
    Let us know if you have any questions.
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