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Pivot Table Data Formatting

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    Pivot Table Data Formatting

    Hi Excel forum users - this is my first post so please excuse any breaks in etiquette or basic questions

    I have a table of chemical results that I would like to generate graphs for, eventually to find meaningful correlations

    So far I have re-organized the data into vertical columns, since that appears to be necessary for pivot table setup. Even so, when I click 'insert pivot table' and select the area of the table in the dialogue box I get the following message (paraphrased):

    "The Pivot table Field name is not valid'.. 'you must use data that is organized as a list..'

    So far the tutorials I have checked do not make any issues with the format of the data clear to me. A photo of the table is below. My goal is to compare two columns, with one or more data series.

    Thanks in advanced for any help

    Pirvot 1.JPG

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    Re: Pivot Table Data Formatting

    Hi erkvos,
    It is always better to attach a sample file (cleared of any confidential data) for members to work and try a solution to your question. Screenshots show a picture, but no real insight in the structure of the data.

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    Re: Pivot Table Data Formatting

    You've got some hidden columns in that picture. Are any of the headers in those columns blank?
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    Re: Pivot Table Data Formatting

    To follow ORoos's advice see the yellow banner for adding sheets

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