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Line-Graph for consecutive days worked

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    Line-Graph for consecutive days worked

    I want to make a line graph that depicts consecutive days worked by individual associates over a 31 day period to help with weekend scheduling. 7 associate names per chart, each with an individual line/color so we can quickly see who is highest.

    I have no idea how to go about making this, I have tried several pre-made consecutive work day formulas to no avail, mainly because I need a line graph and not a table.

    If someone could work this out and send me a sample sheet to look at how it's done, I would appreciate it! I'm new here, so if there's a better place to put this thread just let me know.

    *EDIT: I figured out... something. I got values to make sense by making a proxy dataset that is actually being measured by the graph and itself measuring the data on the input dataset, so I can have a simple input system and still get the graph to understand what I need it to do. I even got the 0 values to reset to 0. However, on the next point it doesn't start at 1 again but whatever the previous sum was before the 0 plus the target cell. So you go from working 0 consecutive days to 8 consecutive days in the span of 1 day of time. Not sure how to correct this. Attached for reference. Proxy dataset is scroll-right.
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    Re: Line-Graph for consecutive days worked

    Perhaps in your "proxy dataset" use:
    Formula: copy to clipboard
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    see attached
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