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How do I build a volume area chart?

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    Question How do I build a volume area chart?

    Thanks for the feedback AliGW!

    Hi Everyone!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I need to report on the following:

    1. I have to plot the effect that some projects would have on the CO2 emissions of a company over 10 years
    2. The organization has an ongoing and increasing CO2 emissions level which is measurable and predictable.
    3. For simplicity sake let us say that I have 3 projects of variable length that all have a predictable impact on the overall CO2 emissions for the organization year to year. ( sorry i cant upload an image - The option to add the image once selected isnt there (Edge and Chrome). The Project values are reductions in the CO2 emissions.

    Year Baseline Project 1 Project 2 Project 3
    FY18 157,149
    FY19 169,000
    FY20 175,000
    FY21 180,000 11,000
    FY22 185,000 35,000 31,850
    FY23 190,000 35,000 31,850 888
    FY24 195,000 35,000 31,850 888
    FY25 200,000 35,000 31,850 888
    FY26 205,000 35,000 31,850 888
    FY27 210,000 35,000 31,850 888
    FY28 215,000 35,000 31,850 888

    Project 1 starts in financial year 2021, project 2 in 2022 and Project 3 in 2023 in the above example

    What I am looking to produce is a graph that shows the CO2 emissions levels increase over time (Baseline) BUT incorporates the impact that each project will have on reducing that level over time. I thought a volume area chart would may be a good display but do not know how to create one. Could someone give me some guidance on how I could use this data to construct the graph i am looking for? It would also be fantastic if the graph allowed for projects to be selected or deselected and the visual update to show the impact of adding or removing those projects to the overall levels.

    I wish I could post a picture as it would undoubtedly be easier to show what I would like to achieve.

    Much obliged to you for the time to read this and I hope someone out there who knows Excel well can give me a guide on how I should/could structure some tables and enable a graph from that data!

    Stay safe - Be well and thank you kindly!
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    Re: Guidance on what should be a simple(ish) chart?

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