I am building a pivot table to provide budget data across about 70 projects. Each column will represent a single project and will have about nine headings for each column. Each heading provides a different attribute (project name, project code, funding source name, funding source code, Total Contract Amount, Total Budgeted Expenses, etc.). Each row will will then provide expense data by category and sub-category (rent, payroll, supplies, etc).

My problem is that I need to include the field names for each of the heading rows (the heading values are not self - describing). Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a way to display the field names. My pivot table begins in column A with the Row labels in column A. The first column of data is column B. So, the top of row A, next to the headings for the first column of data, would be ideal. But, Excel will not let me type anything there. I have found that I can get the column header names to show in the first row of the table by setting the report type to Outline or Table, but that isn't very useful.

Any thoughts on how to get Excel to cooperate?