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Trying to produce line graph showing raised vs closed

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    Question Trying to produce line graph showing raised vs closed


    I hope you can help, I've been googling on solutions for this for ages. There are 2 things I'd like to achieve, with the first one being more important for now.

    1) I'm trying to produce a line graph showing open vs resolved (month by month), I can currently only get it to show me which were opened and closed in same month. An Example of data below:

    Incident ref Opened date Resolved date
    12345 01/01/20 05/01/20
    23456 01/01/20 25/02/20

    2) In order to add a third data line named "Open", in the example above, I would want the first item to show as being closed by the end of January, so wouldn't show as a result. The 2nd option would however, as it was open well into the following month.

    I hope this all makes sense and that someone can help
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    Re: Trying to produce line graph showing raised vs closed

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