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How to filter and clean the pivot table in excel?

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    How to filter and clean the pivot table in excel?

    Hi everyone, I want to do something to my pivot table without touching the data table because it is not what I prefer. I attached my excel file in this post and I think the file should explain well what I want. Thanks in advance and hope to get some advise!
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    Re: How to filter and clean the pivot table in excel?

    It is easier to help when there is more detail in the explanation.
    That said, I assume that the issue is the pivot table is:
    1. Showing the value of the capital for rows where the trade cells are blank
    2. Combining capital values for dates i.e. 2019-07-16
    For some reason the table on Sheet1 will only produce pivot tables that offer the option of using the Date and Capital fields, so I copied the table to Sheet2 and then produced a pivot table from there.
    To overcome the issues listed above:
    1. Include a Trades field and then filter the Trades field to exclude blanks
    2. [optional] Format the Date field (this may need to be repeated when the pivot table is refreshed).
    Let us know if you have any questions.
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