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Pivot Chart auto enlarge

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    Pivot Chart auto enlarge

    I have been at this for days. I have a pivot table and pivot chart with a slicer. I want to filter by date with a timeline. Everything works great with filter but when I filter a larger range the pivot table adds rows but chart does not auto resize and is a jumbled mess and unreadable.
    Ideally I would like to have chart extend matching the rows of the table dependent on the date range. I need to see per day always so monthly or quarterly is no help plus I use 13/4 week periods which excel doesn't recognize. I do want table and chart to spill into the next page down if needed so if I print a report the first half will be chart and second half will be table regardless of how many pages are needed
    So far I've tried regular combinations of pivot tables, pivot charts, reg tables, and reg charts, Dynamic Named ranges.
    I added Example Workbook to my attachments but not sure how to add it to this post.
    Any Help would be greatly appreciated.
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