Excel 2010

Let me start by saying the wookbook that im currently trying to setup has way to much "personal" information for me to attach.

Sheet 1) I have a pivot table that list all details about open orders, i.e. who the customer is and each line item ordered.

Sheet 2) I have filtered out 10 order numbers based on different criteria. (this is an automated process and will refresh on a daily bases)

Lets say these 10 numbers are in A1 to A10.

How do i go about filtering the pivot table on Sheet 1 using "Sheet 2" ($A1:$A10)

If unable to filter from another sheet i can copy (cell reference) the 10 order numbers from sheet 2 to sheet 1

Pivot table details:

Available filter (Order Numbers)

Rows are (Order Numbers)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ive been at this for a few days now trying different google results without any luck.