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Combining axis labels

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    Combining axis labels


    I am hoping there is a simple fix. I am tracking personal finances and would like to create a bar chart showing amount spent on each category. Multiple expenses are showing as individual axis labels instead of combining like values. How would i combine categories to show Utilities as one line for example?


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    Re: Combining axis labels

    I think you are looking for the concept of a "multi-level category axis" (which is mostly about how you arrange the data in the spreadsheet and how you define the category axis label range). See if this helps: https://exceljet.net/lessons/how-to-...lti-level-axis
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    Re: Combining axis labels

    Sounds like you want the chart to aggregate data based on category name. Only way to do that automatically is to use a pivot table/chart.
    You could use formula if you know what all the possible unique categories are.

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