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After defining a pivot table and saving - My source data disappear

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    Angry After defining a pivot table and saving - My source data disappear

    Hi All.
    A very strange happened to me. I hope you can help with the following scenario

    I have an excel table with data
    I step on the table and selected "insert -> table" to set as a table
    I then created a Pivot table out of the entire table selection. Pivot table was created in a new worksheet
    After the pivot table was created I closed the spreadsheet. Excel asked me if I want to save and I said yes.

    The excel file became 1K size and all my row data disappeared.

    Never happened to me in the past and I have no idea what to do.

    Any idea?

    I am running Excel for Office 365

    Thanks and happy holiday to you all

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    Re: After defining a pivot table and saving - My source data disappear

    All I can think of is that you are creating the Pivot Table on the same sheet and overwriting your data.
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