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Plotting 3D using X,Y,Z

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    Plotting 3D using X,Y,Z

    Is there anyway to make a 3D scatterplot that can be zoomable and rotate it?

    I would like to have a sphere or even a cube that the plots are plotted in.

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    Re: Plotting 3D using X,Y,Z

    Excel does not have a built in 3D scatter chart option. The closest approximation I have seen to a 3D scatterplot in Excel is AndyPope's version https://andypope.info/charts/3drotate.htm which does all of the geometry in the spreadsheet to make 3D appear in a 2D scatterplot.

    The only other option I'm aware of is to look outside of Excel at other charting engines. I don't know if other spreadsheets have built in 3D scatter plots available. I know there are other charting applications that do 3D scatter, and I expect that most of them can take data from a spreadsheet.

    The real question is whether you are restricted to using Excel, or if you are allowed to use other spreadsheets/applications.
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