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Pivot from multiple sources without powerquery or tables

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    Pivot from multiple sources without powerquery or tables

    Hi all

    Looking for a clean solution to creating a pivot based off two worksheets but I've tried the following and was wondering what other ideas people had:

    Table relationships - Usually I'd make sure both were in tables and create relationship between the common field in both. I've got two data sets where the common field has multiple rows against each so excel says there is duplicates and therefore can't create the relationship

    Power Query - Our IT systems block installations so I can't install powerquery without authorisation but have used it before and appreciate this would work

    Manual solution - I could create a manual list with no duplicates of the unique field from each table and do sumproducts to pull the figures I'm interested in from each table

    I'm trying to make it as automated as possible to avoid any user errors so just wondering what other solutions people were using? Hopefully I don't need to go down the manual route suggested above


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    Re: Pivot from multiple sources without powerquery or tables

    As opposed to manually producing the distinct list, there are formulas that can produce a list of distinct items such as:
    Formula: copy to clipboard
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    Column A contains all possible items that could be used for pulling the figures, and the formula is placed in cell XFD2, or elsewhere, and copied down far enough that the user would not be expected to copy further under normal conditions.
    Let us know if you have any questions.
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