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Pivot data and report data not updating as I would like

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    Question Pivot data and report data not updating as I would like

    Sir, Ma'am, Team,

    I have an excel spreadsheet with a dashboard and simple queries use for reporting, when I have 1 of each risk level VH, H, M L and VL, my dashboard will work, however, as it is a Pivot Chart, if one or more of the risk levels do not exist, it then upsets all of my figures. I do not have the correct knowledge to fix this (attached is my spreadsheet). There are hidden tabs.

    Additionally, the report tables which use queries do not update, I would all of my data to update when it changes, on load, close or change of cell data, this does not occur, even when I manually update the whole data base by selecting Data, update all. I may need to change the Table cell names in the future will this be hard to fix if the referencing is messed up?

    Could I please ask someone to review the spreadsheet and fix my issues - I have tried, if then statements even just using one graph representing the Risk Levels but the total still would not work,

    Any help for this excel simple user would be appreciated.


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