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Switch X and Y-axis to create a 'location - time graph'

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    Switch X and Y-axis to create a 'location - time graph'

    I am trying to create a 'distance- time' graph but instead of a distance i have got location names.
    With a pivot chart I am able to get things visible but the x-and y- axis need to switch.

    Any idea on how to switch the axis on a pivot chart? See the included sample.

    Thanks in Advance for your thoughts..

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    Re: Switch X and Y-axis to create a 'location - time graph'

    I'm not sure I fully understand, but this may not be doable using a pivot chart. I don't think that, even in the newest versions, Excel has a built in "line chart with a vertical category axis and horizontal value axis" chart type.

    Since pivot charts tend to be restricted to "easy" built in charts, this probably cannot be created using a pivot chart. This tutorial talks about the pros and cons of pivot charts and explains how to make a "regular" chart from pivot data for those cases where we need the full flexibility offered by a regular chart (like building a "dot plot" like you seem to be describing). https://peltiertech.com/regular-char...-pivot-tables/

    If you can use a regular chart rather than a pivot chart, then you can use this tutorial to build a "dot plot" (with just lines and no markers) https://peltiertech.com/dot-plots-microsoft-excel/ This becomes a scatter + bar combination chart which is why a pivot chart cannot do this.

    If I understand what you want to do, you should be able to combine information from those two tutorials to build a regular XY + bar combination chart that will show your "Point" on the vertical axis and you times on the horizontal axis. Let us know if you have trouble understanding any steps and we'll help as best we can.
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