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Multiple panels in chart?

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    Multiple panels in chart?

    How do I have multiple panels in a chart, all sharing a date axis, but each panel for instance having income and expenditure for separate businesses? JPG attached. I donít have have any problems getting all the underlying data in one place, and can make simple charts, but canít work out how to do this.
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    Re: Multiple panels in chart?

    I usually just use 4 charts positioned in a column, then remove the X axis from the top 3 after I've lined everything up.
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    Re: Multiple panels in chart?

    Here's a tutorial for building a panel chart in Excel: https://peltiertech.com/Excel/Charts/StackedCharts.html Note that Jon put this tutorial together before Excel 2013, so he mentions using a third party app to add data labels to the dummy axis series. This functionality became native to Excel in 2013 and later versions, so the third party app is no longer needed.
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    Re: Multiple panels in chart?

    Which 'latest' version do you have? 2019 or 365? Please update your forum profile. Thanks.

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