Hello, I have recently gotten into using an app (similar to Mint) for tracking my income and expenses since I like the graphs it can produce. However, I've been finding it difficult to keep up to date due to connection problems. Instead of manually importing the data, I figured I should learn to use my bank statement data myself for a completely customizable experience. I'm looking to create my own Excel dashboard by imitating some of the charts but it's a bit of a learning curve as I am new to using the program.

Does anyone know how I can produce a line chart that compares cash flow from month to month? I want one line that shows the trend across all days in the month ($ for y axis, day for x axis) and the other line shows the data from the previous month for comparison. I've only been able to find how to do this comparing years but I don't have over a year's worth of data to include. When I tried using months then the my pivot table seemed to get messed up. I'm using bank statements, so there's no data for days I didn't purchase or earn anything and there's multiple transactions for other days that I did. The chart just needs to represent a summary for each day, so if there were no transactions that day, it should show the same value as the previous day.

Hopefully that makes sense, my screenshot won't upload.