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In pivot table, can we see the data match the choose max value?

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    In pivot table, can we see the data match the choose max value?

    Hi experts, hope you are having a good day.

    I have two questions about Pivot table:

    1. I have found the max value for Monday to Friday hourly value in the hourly data. can I have a quick field to show the exact date and time when the max value occurred? Seems I could use the lookup etc to work on those, just wonder if there is any quick way to get it.

    Data sample: A-date B-time C-weekday D-visitors
    Pivot table: A-Monday B-max of visitors C-date? D time?

    2. can I calculate each value/max of a range of value within Pivot table. I can't seem to use the "calculated item". Any ideas?

    Pivot table: B1-09:00 C1-10: 00 D1-11:00 etc
    A2- monday B2-50 C2-79 D2-100
    A3 -%/max of the day

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    Re: In pivot table, can we see the data match the choose max value?

    Instead of choosing MAX, why not just show the actual value, and sort max to min, and then the top value will show the data you want?

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