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Pivot Table Date changing to 00/01/1900

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    Angry Pivot Table Date changing to 00/01/1900


    Just teaching myself Pivot Tables and hit a wall.

    My Aim - To show the number of days between two dates (Context - Data table shows date an enquiry was received and the date it was called, I want the Pivot Table to show the response time in days


    Attachment 781535

    1st attempt: PivotTable Analysis > Field Items and Sets > Creating Formula. As Shown below...

    Attachment 781533

    and the following happened...

    Attachment 781536

    I know if I change the Format It will display as the number of days but the issue is that G5 should have the same answer as G4 and it's showing 00/01/1900.

    I thought maybe if the Pivot Table pulled through the data I could just do a Formula to calculate the difference but doing this still some how changes the date for Douglas to 00/01/1900 (as below)

    Attachment 781537

    Any help with this would be much appreciated. Lots of hits on google about this date but not in this way.


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    Re: Pivot Table Date changing to 00/01/1900

    Hi and welcome to the forum

    Pictures are of little value. Honestly, no one wants to re-type your data to try and solve your issue. Additionally, we would only be guessing at how your data was structured, ie. formulas, formatting, etc. Additionally, due to how some browsers behave, many of our members cannot see uploaded pictures/images. Please do not take this route.

    Please attach a sample file that represents what you have. The structure of your attachment should be the same structure as your actual data. Any proprietary information should be changed.

    Include in the attachment any code you're currently using (whether it works or not) and an "After" of what you wish the output to be.

    To attach a file to your post,
    click advanced (next to quick post),
    scroll down until you see "manage file",
    click that and select "add files" (top right corner).
    click "select files" find your file, click "open" click "upload" click 'done" bottom right. click "submit reply"

    Once the upload is completed the file name will appear below the input boxes in this window.
    You can then close the window to return to the new post screen.

    Have you debugged your code?
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    Re: Pivot Table Date changing to 00/01/1900

    Can my post still be seen? And do I have to make them changes? The pictures are there to prevent people recreating my data as someone might know a quick fix?

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    Re: Pivot Table Date changing to 00/01/1900

    Your pictures don't show up for me (and for many browsers) and the links simply show invalid attachment if you click them.

    00/01/1900 is just the value 0 formatted as a date.

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