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Dynamically show latest value in line chart

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    Dynamically show latest value in line chart


    I have a line chart with weekly data that gets updated every week with an additional data point.
    I have used an offset formula to ensure that the line chart gets updated dynamically, which means that I simply have to press update on the chart, for the new data point to be included, however, I would like to only show the value of the latest data point in the chart. Currently, I just remove the data point from the previous week, but since I have 8 series included in each chart and about 40 charts to update, this becomes quite a time consuming task.

    Is there a way to make the chart only show the latest value automatically whenever it gets updated?

    NB! I know of the method where you create additional columns and have them only show the latest value and then adding another series to the chart, so that that value automatically gets updated. However, since the chart is dynamic, I would need to create offset formulas for each one, which also means double up on the number of series (which is already at 320), and then link this to the chart, which would in and of itself be very time consuming. I would like to use this as my last resort, if no other option is possible.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Dynamically show latest value in line chart

    if your data is oriented in a vertical maner (which is usually the case - single parameter in one column) use your offset formulas with 4th parameter set to 1
    Formula: copy to clipboard
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    If it's not enough, think of using a tip from a yellow banner above first post.

    As for refreshing charts it depends a bit on a way you add the data to your data pool.
    If the charts do not refresh automatically, one can force their refreshment by VBA code based on an event of adding new data. but again such code depends on data layout (and mechanism by which new data is updated)
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