I'll post this in one of the other topics aswel.

What i want is a formula that works out an average automatically. This will then be plotted onto a bar chart.

This is to work out absenteeism at work. People are split into 4 groups, 16 to a group. Now i have set up a seperate line graph that shows the overall % of each group each month.

But i want a bar chart that shows the overall % of each group. I can do it by having a formula that adds up all the % for each group and then i can manually add in /2 or 3 or 4 etc depending on the month. eg. Divided by 2 means its Feburary, 3 is March etc. to work out the average.

So is there anything i can do so the /2 or 3 or 4 etc is automatically put in once some numbers appear in the corrisponding months column.

Any help will be much appreciated, sorry if what ive said doesnt make sence but it's hard to explain, so any questions and i'll anwser them.