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[SOLVED] Watermark for Excel chart

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    Tom P

    [SOLVED] Watermark for Excel chart

    Does anyone know how to create a watermark on an Excel Chart?

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    John Mansfield

    RE: Watermark for Excel chart


    You might try a few of things:

    (1) Activate your chart by clicking on it. Type the word "Draft" and hit
    the enter key. A textbox should appear with the word "Draft" on the chart.
    Position the textbox to where you want it to be and format it accordingly.
    (2) Double - click on the outside area of your chart. In the Format Chart
    Area dialog box, set the Area to None. Do the same with the plot area. Now,
    select a range on your spreadsheet that contains the text of the watermark
    that you want. In this example, assume the text is in the range A1:C3.
    Press the Shift key and go to Edit -> Copy Picture *Appearance=As shown on
    screen *Format=Picture. Select somewhere else inside of your sheet and go
    to Edit -> Paste. Now, size the picture made from the Excel range to the
    size of your chart. Mve your chart over the Excel range picture. The group
    both the chart and picture together. Make sure that the Excel range picture
    is grouped behind the chart.
    (3) Click on the plot area of your chart. Right click your mouse and go to
    Selected Object -> Fill Effects -> Picture -> Select Picture. This option
    will allow you to import a .gif, .bmp, etc. picture type file directly into
    the plot area of your chart. You can also export you own excel range as a
    ..gif file and then import that into your plot area. John Walkenbach's
    (jwalk.com/ss) PUP6 addin will export a range as a graphic.

    John Mansfield

    "Tom P" wrote:

    > Does anyone know how to create a watermark on an Excel Chart?

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