1) I've a worksheet "TEST" ( with 4 different sheets. In every sheet there
are 2 series of data (located at the same position row-column in every
sheet, i.e. L3:L203;K3K203 and N3:N203;O3:O203)
How can I plot, in a separate sheetm a summary chart of all the series
above...(organized by name of the correspondent sheet)? I wish to define a
generalized procedure as I must do it for many files...

2) As said above, I've got many files, each one is organized as worksheet
"TEST", so that there are "TEST1", "TEST2" and so on...
I wish to compare (and chart) series across two or more workheets, for the
sheets equally named (i.e. series in "sheet1" of "TEST1"..."TEST5"
worksheet). Is there a way to realized this thing...?