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Cannon orientate text in axes labels

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    Can't orientate text in axes labels


    I can't figure out, how to orientate text in axes labels, if the label is made out of multible columns. Here's an example (3 columns, 3 rows):

    Cat1 Cat2 Value
    Line1Column1 Line1Column2 1
    Line2Column1 Line2Column2 2
    Line3Column1 Line3Column2 3

    Select that area, start chart wizard, select Bar and click finish.

    You notice that the Cat1 labels are orientated vertically and Cat2 labels are in horizontal position.

    I cannot find any way to change the orientation of Cat1. Neither from menus or by VBA code. Can you?

    By the way, if you change the alignment of that axes, it effects to Cat1, but not to Cat2

    I heard that in XL97 this was no problem.

    - Asser
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