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Pivot Charts, hiding field values in second level filters?

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    Angry Pivot Charts, hiding field values in second level filters?


    What I have is a Pivot Chart / Table, where I have multiple filters on the data. For example I have Leagues, Teams, Players.

    What I have are Leagues and Teams in my page fields and Players on the series axis. This allows me to select the League I want to look at and then the Team within that League. I can then select multiple players (1..n) from that to view the data on. (Assume data is a monthly statistic of some sort).

    If my data were

    League Team Player Jan 05 Feb 05 etc.....

    L1 T1 P1 5 6
    L1 T1 P2 3 2
    L1 T2 P3 6 6
    L1 T2 P4 7 6
    L1 T3 P5 3 8
    L1 T3 P6 5 9
    L2 T2 P4 6 4
    L2 T2 P5 2 5
    L2 T3 P7 4 6
    L2 T3 P8 5 1
    L2 T3 P9 9 6
    L2 T4 P4 6 3
    L2 T4 P5 2 7
    L2 T5 P6 5 8
    L2 T5 P7 7 9

    L2 T5 P8 5 3

    When I select L1 from my League field, I can still see all the Teams (T1-T5), however T4 and T5 can never have data in them, and the graph i get is blank. What I want it to do is only show me T1, T2 and T3 when I select L1 and to show me only T2, T3, T4 and T5 when i select L2.

    Is this possible? Can you form hierrachical fields in a pivot table, how do i need to have my data in my table to do this?

    Any help would be appreciated, as this is driving me nuts!


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    Nobody knows?? Does this mean it is not possible??

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