I am looking for help in creating a “time and motion” chart for up to 4 people and each person has 4 activities that they perform throughout their day.

For argument sake, each person is required to perform the following activities.

Stack boxes
Pack boxes
Unload truck
Load truck

I would like to put together a time and motion type of chart that shows each persons activity by time of day. Each person performs all activities throughout their day at different times. There maybe two people unloading the truck while one person stacks boxes and the other is loading the truck for example. Each person can start and stop any of the activities at any time.

I was thinking that something similar to a stacked bar chart in that a different colour represents a different activity and along the X axis is a time scale that shows the time of the day. The time logged against each activity is the time that activity started, so that total time that that activity lasts is that time it started to the time the next activity starts. The Y axis displays the people’s names.

I would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction.