Hi all,

I'd like my pivot chart to do 2 things:

1) If I select an item from one of my page field dropdowns, I'd like the dropdown items on another page field to filter according to what was selected.

Example: if the first page field is "Teams" and I choose a team from the list, I want the other page field "Players" to offer only the players from that team. Possible?

2) I used the macro recorder to automatically replace one data item in the pivot chart with another. Example (football): I assigned a macro to a button called "Pass Attempts", which will clear "Run Attempts" data that is currently displayed, and plot the "pass attempts" in its place. How can I add a 3rd macro that will take out EITHER "pass attempts" or "run attempts" and replace them with my 3rd choice? In other words, I need a generic way to clear existing data (no matter what is currently displayed) and replace with something else.