The info that is being graphed is 5 columns wide and 4 rows each (row 1 is a
label). For all 5 columns- rows 2 & 3 there are no issues. For 4 out of 5
columns- row 4, the graph represents the values correctly, but displays the
wrong value.

I have a graph that is graphing the line in relation to the values on the x &
y axis correctly but its showing a value label that is totally wrong??? I
clicked on the line and checked where the line is refrencing its info from
and its from the correct boxes on my excel sheet, when I hold my mouse curser
over the plotted point at issue it says Value:58% which would be correct
except the label shows 25%? HOw do I make it display the correct value
without always having to type it in by hand (this is a template for many