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w/ Line graph with time on X and missing data

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    w/ Line graph with time on X and missing data

    I'm trying to do a line graph with months,year along the x axis and sales along the y axis. My data points on housing projects in a city.

    My problem is - some months I don't have data for certain projects, but do have data for other projects. So when I graph this in a line graph (with points), the lines do not connect where I don't have a data point.

    What I want is to just have a line connecting the two points that I do have and have a continuous line the entire length of time.

    I can't just pick a mid points (or dumby point) b/c with some projects I have many points missing in a row.

    See my attached file if I'm not being clear.
    Please help, my job depends on this!!
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    Where you have cells with data missing, enter the formula =NA() to force the #N/A! error. This will avoid a gap being left in the chart
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