i'm totally square to graphs so bear with me...

I want to graph a relative frequency distribution....

I have 2 columns which contain the data i want to graph.

The first column has numbers ranging from -105 to -250 (which multiple #'s can be found)

The 2nd column has strictly "W" or "L" (I'm concerned mostly with "W" however a % of "W" compared to the sum(W+L) would be better...

What i want to do is setup 20 categories (say -105 to -115, -116 to -125, -136 to -145, etc.) and have these designations along the Y-axis.

And i want to plot the corresponding number of W's (or % of W's) in each category..

So for instance...

-105 to -115 .... 6 W's (or 18%)
-116 to -125 .... 8 W's (or 22%)
-126 to -135 .... 13 W's (or 30%)
-136 to -145 .... 27 W's (or 61%)

etc.. to include about 20 or so 'groups'

1) What do i need to do to my sheet data to setup these categories so they may be used in the graph?

2) How do i get the Categories to show up on the Y-axis and the Frequency of "W" on the x-axis (in their appropriate intervals)?

I realize this is a large and seemingly complex question..
it probably looks worse than it it.. i tried to be very detailed in what i'm looking for.. any help is much appreciated!!