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Show Data Lables show Amount & Persentage at the same time

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    Show Data Lables show Amount & Persentage at the same time

    Hi All,

    I have a graph which shows $ amount over a period of years. But I would like the Label on each bar in the graph to show not only the dollar amount, but also the % it represents of the whole for each year. If you don't mind, please see the attached example. In this example 2001 should show labels on the domestic sales as $4,02483, and would also show 84%.

    Does anyone know how to format a chart to show the label in these two different ways?

    Thanks for the help and ideas.
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    You can link the data labels to cells, which contain all the information you want to display.

    This addin does all the hard work for you

    I have also tweaked your chart a little to illustrate an alternative to your current layout.
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