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How to rotate a radar chart by VBA in Excel 2003

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    How to rotate a radar chart by VBA in Excel 2003

    Nice to meet you,guys!

    It's my first time to ask questions on the Internet.

    My problem is:

    I have a radar chart with 18 dimensions.
    By default, it will be divided from 0 degree, the north.
    But I need it to start from the position of 10 degree.

    Is there any way to rotate the axis of the radar chart?
    How to change the start point of the division?

    Thank you very much!

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    Re: How to rotate a radar chart by VBA in Excel 2003

    Unlike pie or donut you can not adjust angle of first point.

    In order to create the chart you will need to built it yourself using xy-scatter series and formula to calulate the position and angles of all the points and lines.

    Why do you need to tilt the chart?

    You could use a linked picture put the text as well as the axis and series would be rotated.
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