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Macro for automatic updation of chart

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    Macro for automatic updation of chart

    I need to generate monthly charts. There are 14 chart in my sheet. I need to write a macro so that all those graph are automatically updated with new month's data. For that the macro should:

    Select the graph sequentially. (one after other)
    Select the data
    Add one more row(data of month)
    update the graph

    I tried different ways but

    anyone any suggestion

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    Re: Macro for automatic updation of chart

    I tried different ways but
    That's not enough information to help you. You need to post a sample file with your data structure and charts.

    How are we supposed to guess where your data is and what the charts are supposed to look like?

    You may probably use the techniques described in http://peltiertech.com/Excel/Charts/Dynamics.html , but to help you further, please provide a data sample in a workbook and include some charts.


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